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Originally Posted by Riveraddict View Post
of the same weight, but one that has a 5 to 7 foot back taper and see what effect that has on the casting "droop".

My main intent of replying here was to say that I really like your description in one of your most recent vids of "casting the D towards 4 o'clock (paraphrasing here), because it seems it should be easily understood and visualized by most anyone. Simple and effective, I think much more so than my usual phrase of "D-loop should be directed 45 degrees back off of the casting shoulder". I'm going to use it in future casting instructions if'n that's OK with you.
Hi Ed, thanks for weighing in. I'm glad that description is accurate and jibes with what you teach and I'm glad you watched the video and can use the 4 o'clock description in your instruction.

Initially I learned it from Andrew Moy in one of his videos quite a while back where he recommends to stop the rod at 4:30 during the sweep, or sweep to 4:30, in doing the single spey. It made a huge difference in my casting, especially waterborne casts with longer lines and it morphed into the description on the video. I'd be honored if you used it! Thanks

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