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I experienced this also, but mainly on my Skagit setups. My thoughts about it, put in -maybe not satisfying- words:
The short compact head with a lot of mass in the rear part of the Skagit head, combined with a short tip, resulting in a less sticky anchor, and maybe a microsecond faster forward stroke than needed, just before a blown anchor.
In general, I would say, the mass distribution and complete mass in Skagit setups is the main problem for this case for “splash and go” casts. The heavy mass in the rear part is not accelerated or straightened enough, before the anchor stick is lost. That’s a difference to waterborne casts with the same setup. And of course a difference to a Scandi head for touch and go casts.
I use longer and lighter tips, 12’ up to 15’, on my Skagit heads to cure it as far as possible and get more Scandi-like loops and also presentation from the beginning. And I have to go down in the weight with the Skagit Belly when touch and go casts would be the main thing. The higher speed of touch and go casts with no adaption in accelerated mass could be dangerous for the rod.
For me, the main question is, is the heavy mass of the Skagit needed for touch and go casts?
One could also say, the rod is overloaded for touch and go casts and to wait for more anchor stick could be even worse, also for the rod. It’s a narrow path.

In principle it’s a loss of energy from the beginning, to use Skagit setups for touch and go casts. But there is still enough left with a Skagit. The pure mass of the Skagit setup cures it, when doing touch and go casts.
As long as the whole mass of the Skagit head, including tip, straightens, the rear end is straightening too. This can be seen very well on your video.
Also the loop is closing up and gets narrow very nice, what also can be seen on your video.

I would experiment with different lengths of lighter tips, maybe also on lighter Skagit heads and work on a little bit longer anchor stick. Or try a lot more Scandi lines for touch and go casts?
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