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I was alone for many years, fishing our rivers for trout and Danube Salmon (hucho hucho) with a DH rod.
Before the invention of Trout Spey rods I used softer 12’6 rods in #6/7 or 7/8 and occasionally still do so. Common methods in my area are spinning and SH rod.
It was and still it is a lot of fun and it’s best training for salmon fishing. I am DH addicted, only interested in swinging, not at all in Nymphing. A six-piece SH rod in the backpack for the occasional hatch and dryfly approach.

I was used for a very long time, not to be asked, what I am doing. Nobody was interested, only very very seldom, but there was a change the last years.
It’s the big marketing offense for Trout Spey, that influences SH flyfishermen, to test the newest gear they get sold and the Internet of course...
And I don’t know if I should be happy about it for me and my fishing. Too often now I am asked to show my tackle, casting and fishing technique while fishing. I was used to do so, being helpful for many years for friends and our clubs for groups, interested in salmon fishing, DH rods and Spey casting lessons. I still do it, to bring the interest in this endangered species forward. I am sure, it’s the only way to protect a species when there is interest for it.

But when I am trout fishing?
In the beginning I was helpful and spent sometimes hours and days of my fishing time for a single person.

A little story, encouraged by GHalliday:
An unknown fishermen came down the river, dressed like out of a fresh printed catalogue and equipped with the most expensive gear. He watched me casting and fishing for a while and began to ask, well educated and very friendly. In short: He wanted help and I didn’t want to be biased because of first impression and gave help - what we all are used to do when we are asked for friendly.
He was equipped by a dealer completely for more than 6.000.- € (clothing, waders, Trout Spey and Danube Salmon outfit) and a DH training for another 500.- €.
No outfit was a proper fit of rod, reel, shooting head and runningline. Impossible to learn a proper technique. I felt sad for him and spent several days with him to adapt different lines to his rods, changed and adapted backing and runningline for him on completely overfilled reels. I started training with him to cure the worsest mistakes in his casting. He made good steps forward. The days were full of questions and WhatsApp traffic.
After a while I recognized he is heavily fixated to labels and names, without much appreciation for the informations and many lessons I already gave to him. He changed his setups again after Internet research and dealer contacts with immediate negative results in casting. After side by side casting and comparison I showed it friendly and diplomatic to him as a last help and last try. The differences were also noticeable for him. He said, but it’s the dealer, he should know what he needs for his rods (we are in SH area...). No further argumentation for me.... He wanted to do another casting training with the dealer.
After a while he sent one of my lines back to me, customized to his Trout Spey rod, also a leader. The completely new line was dirty all over, curled and looped in smallest circles to a figure eight knot. Line cracking... The leader I adapted and gave to him, was a tapered FC 12‘. He wrote, he broke my leader and put a (useless) leader into the envelope as a substitute, without his address...

Later I heard from a buddy, which I brought into DH casting, he came into contact with him while fishing and was also asked very friendly to give help. Asked after the person went into the water 20 m downstream of him ... to the hot spot in the run I showed to him months before...
Before he met him, he sold both setups I adapted with care and bought two new outfits from the same dealer while the next casting instruction. My buddy said, it was the newest of the newest and most expensive, but again not at all a good fit of the lines to learn.

There is always a win situation in experience for life. I don’t care for the material at all, but if there only haven’t been the lost in fishing time... days...
And obviously he knows what’s wrong - the win situation for my fishing: I saw him coming with his car after me to the river and he turned away at once to change place.
May this friendship Rest In Peace. And of course may this and all dealers in general have their income for their families.

Of course there have been other experiences - in fishermen and dealers - and some of both sides became a good buddy or even a worthy friend.

But take care who is asking you what you are doing in Trout Spey while fishing!
That’s why I share this little story with you - and I feel now, writing this down, it seems to be a little bit of therapy for me too.

Time is running... A little bit of work, a little bit married, fishing, hunting... What else?

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