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Of course more power is used when you want to cast further. But in my experience the feeling of using “brute force” indicates nothing other than WASTED energy. In truth you may be generating a lot of power in coordination with the rod flex and long lever arm, but for me when I start feeling that I am pushing things very hard I usually get better (and greater distance) results if I simply try to do the same thing with less of the thought of forcing things, and more of a thought of relaxing. Some may call that “dialing it back”, but for me it seems to get even better results. Maybe this is because I prefer medium-fast actioned rod, and when I get the feeling of forcing things I’m getting a bit out of sync and ahead of my rod. But is suspect the principle is more generally applicable. But IMO perfect timing and geometry will trump the feeling of applying more force every time. This isn’t the shot put - and maybe even the guys that are really good at THAT would even make the same arguement - it’s about the most efficient application of force with the tools at your disposal.

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