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I got a pair of the Guides Choice Chromapop Plus Polarchromic with Ignitor (Rose Colored) lenses about 6 weeks ago. Very nice lens. I wanted 1 lens to do it all and its real nice meeting all my expectations. My son has 2 pairs of Costas the Green mirror bronze for "normal conditions" and also the Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses for dawn, dusk and dark days. The green mirror copper lets in 10% ambient light and the Sunrise lets in 30%. The Smith Ignitor lens changes shades in varying sunlight. So they lighten on dark days or dusk and dawn and they darken on sunny days, this is the Polarchromic feature. So the light transmission ranges from 12%-18%. I have had them out fishing quite few times from swinging flies for Steelhead, Trout and Striped Bass to sight fishing for Carp. I put them on at dawn and they're good all day long.
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