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Thanks so much for your reply...I was thinking a 6wt 12 1/2'...I am still new to this casting so things could change and I know almost nothing about the various lines that are available. The rig that I am practicing with is set up with mono running line and a floating head...maybe 20-30'. I am not even using a fly yet...just practicing the casts in a pond and a local river... trying to eliminate the whipping action that happens occasionally and trying to shoot line. I am trying to keep the rod purchase under $300. Places I'm looking at to fish with a 2 hand rod include The Dead river in Maine for landlocks and trout, The Ogunquit river in Maine for strippers, Plum Island in Mass, some of the salt rivers on the cape and R.I, Deerfield river for trout, etc, etc. I think of the 2 handed spey rod as another tool in the arsenal with single handed rods like you do. Maybe someday I will get the opportunity to fish for steelhead (I want to be ready for that!!). I used to be a guest at a camp in NB for atlantic salmon...at that time no one used 2 hand rods. I'm totally committed to learning this type of casting...love swinging flies. I appreciate all of the information received. I have many years of experience with the single handed rod but am a total newby with the 2 handed spey rod. Thanks again dryflybum.
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