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Originally Posted by jdcross View Post
A term from the west coast for a fish that has spawned.
I learned it from Haig-Brownís books.
Sorry, thought it was a universal term.
Ahhh, I see.

Well, yes and no! He hadnít spawned yet, was working upstream. But Iíve found on our smaller GL tribe, unless you get those fish within the first 3 days of entering, their strength goes down significantly! And, a lot of Great Lakes Chinook are changing before they enter in our rivers as well, they ARE NOT ocean Chinook in my experience.......so yes, there is that. I will say though, unless this rod was fiberglass, it would have shattered probably and I did have to bend the every loving crap out of it.

Honestly, this fish isnít in that bad of shape for GL Chinook! Iíve seen dudes take some pretty narly looking zombies out of the river to take home......crazy.

But to answer the question directly, I would never dream of using that rod on a fresh Chinook

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