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I bought my very first two-hander from a guy at a garage sale in town, a 15' 10/11. I was quite unschooled in the maths of spey casting gear, and used to take this cannon to two of my trout spots to self-learn. Very first fish to hand on a spey rod was a 4-inch whitefish.

I got strange looks, oh yes indeed I did.

Nowadays, I'll have an ultralight 5wt switch or spey, and when folks ask (because in rural Quebec many haven't even seen these), a simple explanation of the benefits to casting effort, range and mending control, usually leaves folks quite fascinated. I still haven't ventured into the sub-5wt "trout speys" yet, because when my 5's are lined just right, any lighter almost feels too light to me.

Salmon rivers, now that's another story! The single-handers are becoming the minority, even in Quebec where the proverbial 9' 8wt was the defacto norm for ages.
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