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Originally Posted by Palmered View Post
So is it referred to as spey casting vs skagit casting? Skagit lines vs Scandi lines? When starting this journey a few years ago, seemed od to me that skagit casting was new as of the 90’s when folks have been casting two handers for a century plus. A lot to learn..

Dude! Nice!
I see that there are different fly lines, lots of them and some are better for some style and some for other but I call fly fishing when fly is delivered using the LINE LOOP.

What comes to casting:

We have Spey casting where Touch&Go casts and Sustained Anchor casts done any style casting different lines and using one and two hand casting. Göran Andersson Underhand is just one form of Spey casting using single hand and double hand rods but it belong to Spey!

Then there is Underhand casting (which is not Andersson style Spey) where back cast is cast underhand and forward cast overhand. Casts I know named are Oval/Belgian cast which does not turn cast and Switch cast which is used to turn the cast but keeps line in the air.

Then Overhead casting using any style any rod.

Then there is Italian style single hand very narrow and fast line loop cast side tilted rod sometimes casting line loop which fly leg is cast under rod leg. Massimo Magliocco has made this publig and his name should be said as often as G Angersson IMO this is worth studying for anyone who likes to fish using single hand rod!

Chech Nymphing is fishing style using fly patterns but the cast is NOT propelled using LINE LOOP function so for me it differs from others the most!!!

I would like to read how NW waters were fished before Skagit?

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