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Originally Posted by Mean Mr Mustard View Post
Steelchromedome said: In the ocean, teleosts (bony fish), such as salmon, which includes steelhead, drink copious amounts of water and urinate minimally while freshwater teleosts drink very little and urinate profusely.


When, in the past, I have drank a lot of beer, I have soon enough had to eliminate all that beer or burst. Unless the guzzler fish can pee out his sides, it just doesn't work.

Sorta goes against physics, that last part of yours - something from nothing. Tough logic stream to follow, unless fish are sponges I suppose. What, the one with the dry mouth absorbs the fluids through his body, only to pee it out normal style, but in excess volume?

As to the fish movement from salt to fresh and its journey upstream, I do believe there is a degree of acclimation that takes place, but I also believe they loiter until a freshet of fresh water is added to the stream flow - and assurance of sufficient flow to support their migration over potential barriers to passage and to provide protection from airborne predators. But then I am but an old pimp daddy, and not a bio-man with fish scales adorning his work outfit, and I've never had the pleasure of interviewing any anadromous fish so as to get their take on the issue.
Mr. Mustard,
I found your comments off-putting and condescending. I was simply trying to share some information I have learned in order to answer the original poster's question.

I would suggest you go back and reread my post and read the link I referenced. Then it will be clear that what I wrote is correct. I wrote some information that is based on sound/good science and not centered around opinions, which are irrelevent to the facts. Your assumptions, based on your consumption of alcholol, are incompatible with this discussion.

Because you do not understand something or it is counterintuitive, does that make it untrue? You wrote, "sorta goes against physics, that last part of yours..." What I wrote does not go against physics and it is not "mine". It is not based on my opinion or speculation. It is centered around science and is based on research other reputable scientists have proven through their research and experiments. It has been scrutinized by other scientists in peer reviewed studies. If you have credible evidence that I am mistaken, I would love to read it and learn more as I am not an expert and have also not interviewed fish, nor do I have scales, as you put it. After all, the burden of proof lies with you, not me. I am all ears.


Bring the swing.
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