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Originally Posted by Palmered View Post
This will be intereting to follow.. what I have noticed in my short time casting.
The two are different.
When I cast skagit style, the rod load is continuous. No stops, pauses or hesitations during the cast from the start of the sweep through the end of the cast.. if I pause the cast or hesitate, it doesnt workout well.
Skandi casting requires more finesse and timing as there are small pause or slight hesitations for that line to get in position.

Like said, Im rookie level and these are my observations.
There is no Scandi casting but there can be Scandi line. 35 years ago shooting heads were cut from heavy DT lines. I still should have few somewhere? If lucky it was possible to get overweight DT12 and 35ft head did weight incredible 31g (480gr) which was OK weight for 10wt DH rod.

Many of the "Skagit casts" were done casting short shooting heads at least 35 years ago and I understand much much longer ago. They had different names which some were called by the river they were "invented" so same cast could have "local" name and I recall nobody care much but sort of Perry Poke was called "****ed up Spey"

Using CM/CL is OK when there is no need to fish far but when casting 100ft and up comes easier using pause when D-loop forms and either sweep further or Drift to lengthen the delivery casting stroke. If you don't it is mostly because of Tailing Loop there comes when rod bends too much. Also lengthening the leader makes possible to cast wider D-loop and anchor does not blow as easy.

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