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Thanks for the suggestion matuka mike. Again the Single Hand Spey offers no advantage over my scandi short head because mending is compromised at distance. I'm a decent caster. With effort, I can repeatably single spey 40' of dt3f plus 10' of leader with my glass 6.5' 3wt single hander. This is a 6:1 head length to rod length ratio. It's not easy, but I do it when the situation dictates. This allows me to swim my small dry or wet fly wherever I want, and even alter direction and swing speed whenever I want. You can't do this when using shorter heads because the running line won't effectively mend the heavier head. So I'm looking to fish bigger water with the same small flies, the same way, just using my light two handed rod at greater distance, with less effort. To keep the casting easy, I was thinking a 45' to 50' delta taper head (4:1 to 4.5:1 ratio for an 11'-3" rod) or a big double taper. The problem is, the few local shops we have aren't knowledgable in spey gear, and they barely have light double taper lines on the shelves, much less heavy ones. There's one other guy on SP who is from my area, and is interested in the same thing. So far I havent been able to find head lengths/grain weights on Wulff TT lines. Any help there?

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