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I've read the posts here and I can understand the frustration of all those who have had less than expected communication. However, the speculating, bad mouthing and "piling on" crap has to stop. Please refer to the "Sticky" thread at the top of every sub-forum :


Take note of #1.

1. Be civil, respectful and treat others as you want to be treated. Debating is perfectly appropriate, however personal attacks is not.

Continue with it and you will see the door ... no kidding.

I want to remind everyone here that due diligence is completely appropriate when selecting who you want to purchase from and who you want to sell to. Check a members profile, length of membership, what they post, etc... Use PayPal, do not waive the fees by sending Friend/Family, pay extra if you have to or work it out with the seller. It's cheap insurance. If a seller refuses and demands Friends/Family, that would be enough for me to cancel the deal. Buyers Beware, even on the Speypages.

This thread will remain open for information purposes only. Anything else will shut it down and appropriate actions will be made.


Have you Swung a Spey Fly today ??
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