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Originally Posted by DAnderson View Post
Hi Mike,

Fine looking sparse pattern of a Skier. Your slips look perfect. At first, I thought you were tying another Akroyd pattern. The second picture resolved the question. What was your hook size/length?

The Skier could be an alternative to the Pelletier salmon fly. I have seen the Pelletier produce quite nicely at twilight on the Gaspé.

Interesting that you mention your turkey slips giving you a bit of grief. I have noticed on many of my Akroyd patterns with mottled turkey tail feather wings that the slips start to twist over a period of time (~1 year). The original condition was flat and straight. Now, they have twisted into partial cork screws. Is this due to the quality of tail feather that I am using or the length of the slip? Many times the slip is twice as long as what I need and the tip of the feather gets very thin.

Thank you Doug for the kind words
The hook is a #2 Daiichi 2271 and in my opinion, perfect for showing the Dee fly in clear water to finicky fish.
Many turkey slips twist around when they dry after a day of swinging. Mostly due to being put away wet, but do not fret !! Just tie them on you tippet again and get them wet, they will regain their position. If not, once they are wet, you can gently stroke the slips straight. They fish fine afterwards.


Have you Swung a Spey Fly today ??
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