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Hi Mike,

Fine looking sparse pattern of a Skier. Your slips look perfect. At first, I thought you were tying another Akroyd pattern. The second picture resolved the question. What was your hook size/length?

The Skier could be an alternative to the Pelletier salmon fly. I have seen the Pelletier produce quite nicely at twilight on the Gaspé.

Interesting that you mention your turkey slips giving you a bit of grief. I have noticed on many of my Akroyd patterns with mottled turkey tail feather wings that the slips start to twist over a period of time (~1 year). The original condition was flat and straight. Now, they have twisted into partial cork screws. Is this due to the quality of tail feather that I am using or the length of the slip? Many times the slip is twice as long as what I need and the tip of the feather gets very thin.


That was not a bad cast. I was just casting to the nearby fish.
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