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Originally Posted by Rifflehitch View Post
Great Skier Mike, reminds me I need to tie up some more. It's another pattern I've been using but havent had any luck with, YET!
First time I tied a Skier, I brought it to the river the next morning and three swings later I was a believer
It was enough to entice a feisty hen who was resting behind a rock on her way back down river.
It's one of those simple patterns with general materials we all have on hand ... no exotic stuff. The original pattern actually does not call for JC nails ... I like to add them for my own confidence.
I find the Skier to be an excellent clear water pattern and it reduces down well using a shorter shank to more of a traditional wet fly profile. Great for resident trout or finicky east coast salar

Thanks for the compliments gents, much appreciated


Have you Swung a Spey Fly today ??
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