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what about the `touch n go' `switcheroonie' `goodnuff' and `illtakeitok' cast?(last two being my favorites of course),,,i spend my time watching live performances on You-Tube,studio work is OK,as long as the line is moving towards your goal(perry being what i'm talking about;i only use it if theirs brush/rocks upriver from me

i like simple casts,single,touch n go, switch n go, a snake roll occaisionally if i get bored and a double spey when i'm on the WRONG side of the river,but it's all good

i've thought about doing some promo work down at the riffle for Gary Anderson,need to proper equipment so i can BS while i'm casting,i mean,we have a new bridge just downriver in perfect position,get the lights right and ACTION i guess you could overdub but hey why not add a synthesizer and a Wah pedal too

oh,,`anchor' seems a LOT of posts about `anchors' lately,, i watch for the fly to sweep by then fire(translation is= it seems i'm using less anchoring nowadays?)

just fishin'

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