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TheYoutube sample: Art of Modern Scandinavian Fly Casting DVD

Has any of our Swed/ Fin/ Dan/ Norwegian brethen reviewed this DvD? Any feedback on it?

Does anyone know if it will be translated into English?

Here is a google translation of the description (some minor errors).

The Art of Modern Scandinavian Fly Casting
With its superb pedagogy helps Mattias Drugge you become a better bowler by thoroughly explaining the physics and mechanics of flycasting. Mattias of the main instructors and thrown into the world and specializes in the modern Scandinavian throwing technique. With exciting camera angles and graphics break the caste down into its component parts, for you to easily be able to improve your technique and get out of your equipment and your fishing. This is probably the most complete film about modern Scandinavian caste technology and a must for any serious fly fishing.
Format: DVD Format: DVD
Language: Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian

Here is the youtube highlight:


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