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I don't have a boat. I have a small fleet. I use a 16' Lund SSV with a Yamaha 40/30 jet drive for larger rivers and access convenience. I can carry one or up to two passengers, but that's the limit for the low power on this boat. For drifting rivers I use my Watermaster Kodiak. It's a one-person craft but carries enough that I have used it for 8-day float and fishing trips. And for packing upstream and floating back down I have Alpacka pack rafts which are hard to carry a Spey rod in, but it can be done. Alpackas don't carry much, but by going backpacking style, I did a 6-day float trip last summer. This fleet provides a lot of versatility. I only need more boats if I want a large enough raft to tackle Class IV rapids. So far I haven't had that need.
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