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Originally Posted by JDJones View Post
Well, depending on the size of your intruder flies (they can get quite large & heavy) I would start at the fly & work back. Nothing less than 12 lb mono tippet, looped to 20/25 lb butt section, total length about 4 ft, give or take. Quit farting around with those wimpy poly leaders! It takes mass to cast mass. Go with heavy (T-14) MOW tips. If the tip end of the Rio (assuming Skagit) head is less than .080 , cut it back to where it is. Personally, I prefer the Airflo 540gr Skagit head. It can handle T-14 tips right out of the box.

That takes care of your set up. the rest is up to you. Intruders are not exactly the beginners forte. But since you asked, bone up on sustained anchor Skagit style casting. Limit your casts to double speys & perry pokes. Do not attempt a snap T or any of the touch & go type casts with a big heavy intruder fly!

A lot of people wrongly associate a deep loading rod as being a soft or slow, or noodle rod. Not necessarily so. They are purposely designed to load further down into the stronger section of the blank. That rod will work fine for what you are trying to do. Just slow down your stroke, be patient & let the rod do the work.
I went back to practice, used a t8 of 8 feet length. Was able to cast 50 ft with a slow and focussed cast. The fly was medium n size.

Like one of the other member described it is the extension of the head itself. Was happy with it.

Will keep playing around with different grain weights. Between 480 - 510 - 525 grains.

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