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Originally Posted by Mango man View Post
I got this white instructor rod but I feel it is very soft. Doesn't turn over my intruder fly that good in a Rio 525 grain. Can you please suggest what could be wrong?

Gear: 7wt 13'.

Rio:525 floating head, 10 ft thin poly tip + 5ft of Tippett and a 3.5 inch fly.

While its not the fastest spey rod out there the e3 is considered one of the faster echo rods. I don’t think for that rod “softness” should be an issue once you get it lined and tipped correctly like people are saying above. I dont know if you have a grain scale but something like t11 (11 grains per foot) should be nice on that head. Somewhat lighter and much heavier should all work great. But not a trout style versileader. Think of a skagit head as intentionally missing a crucial part of the line (an extension of the line itself, not a “leader”) that you have to supply to make things work as intended.

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