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Uncle Stu........the post and this pic are really cool! Great vivid color. Steven........that hawg is a BEAST.

Im learning the striper game after some years at it from a guy who is exceptionally fishy by nature, ties awesome flies of every type and is just highly intelligent at understanding movements, tides, reading water, etc. On 2 occasions, this guy has just plain outfished a very well known striper guy/personality/author who hangs out often between montauk, cape cod, and southern jersey coastlines. He does things that most folks just dont do.


My misconceptions that taught me some things. Maybe they will help you?

I learned that stripers arent these fish that "slam" flies. I was missing a LOT of fish that inhale and you feel a tiny "tick" like a walleye.
they aren't always grabbing giant flies.
they aren't always requiring dramatic epic casts. (spin fisherman are constantly casting for the moon with giant plugs)
They aren't always feeding in the top 6 inches of water
You don't need to always agressively race/strip the fly in.

often they are just crusing along, gently turning an 'inhaling' small stuff like anchovies, crabs, freshly hatched juvinile squid; right at the spots close in where current swirls or the waves are breacking and lapping up on shore. like. 30 ft out.

The one area he/we haven't started exploring is what happens at night. We've strictly followed the tide tables and based our fishing around that.

What I lack in skill --- I make up for with enthusiasm.

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