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Hi guys! Thanks for the interest. Here's the short of it - We are getting closer to publication this fall and there will be sets available for purchase even if you didn't back the kickstarter campaign.

Here's the long of it - Jay has gone through a few edits of manuscripts since the kickstarter was funded - things to update, some other stuff to cut. He's an obsessive, detail oriented guy and this is his life's work, so a few delays to get it right seems like the correct call. We also had the chance for a team of professional photographers to volunteer their time to photograph some of his flies. This has been worth the wait as well as the fly photos are some of the best I've seen. Both volumes are in various states of layout with the volunteer team eyeing a fall release. I'll post notable progress on this thread and a release date when it's sent to the printers. We have the best of the best working on this passion project and we're getting closer to the finish line.

Thank you for the interest and support, we couldn't do it without our volunteer designers, photographers and of course the campaign backers who believe in Jay's vision.
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