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Originally Posted by meb View Post
I spent a few hours on Sunday watching some of the finalists. Fun event. Enjoyed talking to a number of casters and Poppy from the Red Shed. Also, enjoyed casting his bamboo rods.


Yes - it was a fun event and learned a lot!

Poppy from Red Shed was amazing - knows so much about spey fishing that I am tempted now to try out the Clearwater river in his state for some summer steelies...

Will report back on my new 15' rod I picked up from Poppy and see how it casts a 63' mid belly line!

Here is short clip of how the wind blew the 63' line around and dropped me into 6th place the first day:

Without the wind on a calm day, I have practiced with the line and have cast 130' and more.
I found out looking at the video that while my setup was fine, the firing of the line lacked the abrupt stop, creating the large tailing loops.
Watched the open division competitors and saw their tight loops cut thru the wind.
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