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Almost 11 years ago I was at the Trestle gear fishing with the wife and son( he is 26 now). From around the bend these 2 guys came working their way down with rods twice the length of a man.I remember watching them and wondering what the hell were they doing. As I watched them for a few moments they began to cast. When they got closer they pulled out and started walking around us. As they passed I asked about the rods and told them it looked like fun.That is when they told us about the first Spey Nation. They said there was a gathering of Spey casters the next day at Pineville.
We showed up expecting nothing. We were outsiders looking to kill a few hours on a sunny afternoon. What we all received was a warm welcome, a free lunch, and our first casting lessons( Thank you Andrew Moy). To show our gratitude we bought 20 beans worth of tickets,with that we won 2 Spey rods(Thank You Malinda).
9 Spey Nation events(Missed one), 20 rods, as many reels plus, dozens of lines, thousands of flies, and more than a few life long friend........

Thank You Shaq and the whole Spey Nation Team
Enjoy your time off. It is well deserved.

Scott R Anderson

With the hollow cries of a loon echoing off the mountains,the mist rises from the water like a thousand ghostly spirits freed at last of their earthly torments.It is here that my life falls into focus.
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