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voicing concern

Sean your right. if nothing said nothing communicated. passively/?aggressively by picking up and taking off in a minnie hissy fit, i hopefully sent some message. After reading the low hole thread, while in BC, i did try to mention some thoughts to couple of gear drifters and for whatever reason they didn not appreciate my words or tact (putting one fly accross there bow/shins). either way with the silence i got into my head and ruminated about it until my day was less than peaceful. So, this time i chose a different response. I have good tolerance of the center pinners and gear floaters. i was just not so with the swinging others as i thought they should know this stuff. maybe your right and they just dont know. i just thought there should be some intro to the double swing practice if someone buys a new double hander. appparently fat nancy/melindas/and whittakers have all moved a number of rods this year so i anticipate spey nation 2009 to hopefully be well attended

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