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I mainly swing buggers and soft hackle in various colors.

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I began swinging flies for trout and noticed many short strikes on streamers. So I began using flies w stinger hooks. Now a few years later, I've come full circle. Micro Intruders can and will illicit aggressive strikes. I'll choose any streamer over a soft hackle any day.

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I too have been getting a ton of short strikes on my buggers so i started tying them with stinger hooks, I've only used them one evening, felt a bunch of short strikes but no hookups (how is that even possible?)... I guess I'll need to keep experimenting. Have you noticed a significant difference, are you still getting short strikes, i feel i m doing some very wrong here.

Also during the middle of the afternoon when its sunny do you guys still swing flies? I mainly swing flies in the evening in the riffles but thought about putting on an intermediate head, heavy sink tip and trying to entice the fish deep in the water column. Anyone have any experience swinging flies deep (4'-5')?
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