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Favorite swinging flies for trout?

I have been rediscovering a local river that's about 15 minutes from my home. The river is almost completely deserted most of the time but it has a very healthy population of small trout. Unfortunately when the salmon start to show, the place turns into an all out war zone but for the last several weeks I have had it to myself. I picked up a new Redington Hydrogen 11' 3" 3wt. and have really been enjoying swinging flies for these little guys. I find the tug is the drug even if its a 10" trout. I figured now that the crowds are starting to pick up I would do some tying and go for some sea run cuts when it starts to die down.
Anyway, what are some of your favorite flies to swing for resident and sea run cutties on the West side? Streamers, soft hackles, wets?
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