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Tom P.
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I purchased the 3113 about 6 weeks ago and really enjoy it. My experience is 2 to 4 weight spey rods really need mono running line to get any distance... I would be worried about integrated lines and the thick running line manufacturers insist on using w/ even the lightest heads.

My favorite line so far is the 225 gr OPST head. It's amazing to me to be able to fling 12' of T-8 and decent sized fly on a 3 weight but this head makes it happen. It also is by far the best choice where I fish when the wind comes up.

For example, I also have a 210 gr Rio Scandi which casts nicely if I can resist the urge to not blow anchor. But if there is ANY wind, forget it. The tip gets blown all over the place.

But the OPST handles wind nicely. Casts tips. Casts far. Handles the largest flies. The new short-head skagit is a revelation on the trout speys in my experience to date.
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