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So there are some really beautiful flies posted in this thread. It is kind of intimidating. There are some artists and amazingly skilled tyers in this community. I do not place myself among them. Quite the opposite. I've decided to post because I'm excited about fishing these flies next week. Photos may not be the best, but you don't need to see the details...

First, the Egg Sucking Leech AKA "The Magic Fly". Two samples, one that landed 20+ trout over 20" in a day and the second what I tied up for the trip this year. The used one had sat at the bottom of the fly box unused since my first trip to Alaska in 1993. We fished a few then, but I discovered steelhead and had a really cool selection of modern flies that should catch big trout better. I wasn't catching much on those "fancy" flies and was a bit hopeless so tied on the ESL. My fishing partner and I now call that the "Epic Day" and the ESL the "Magic Fly". We had 2 days to fish an only 2 black ESLs between us. That won't happen this year. They may not be pretty, but my fly shop critique crew say they should fish. (the funky fly in the box was one where the shop crew was showing me how to do something. I promised to fish it on this trip)

Second, a fly my local shop owner encouraged me to tie. He called it the "Schlappy Leech". I tied up a couple and think they should fish quite well. I'm excited to try.

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