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Thanks FK. It's definitely true that these trout-sized two-handers exhibit wide performance ranges. I think that's what makes "profiling" them from differing perspectives (Scandi, Skagit, full lines; weighted flies, streamers, soft hackles; swing or strip, etc.) so valuable--and fun, too! It at least gives others a reference point since, like you said, you can't observe the caster's tempo, style, setup, etc.

With regard to the poly to head set up, I ended up going that route b/c I wanted a smoother turnover and more sustained flight in my delivery. On top of that, the kind of fishing I do requires (at least in my head), a clear intermediate tip. Before the OPST and Trout Max heads came out, there was only the RIO Skagit Max Short and with the longer length (18-22 feet, I believe), it made it difficult to throw even 10' Versitips in lower line weights (5 and 6 weight tips). There was too much stick and the taper of the head, along with the grains per foot, just couldn't dig up the tip and THEN produce the forward energy needed to get my fly out there. I would have to set my anchor and then almost immediately start my sweep. T-tips and light MOWS were even worse b/c of their level design; I had challenges with hinging because there was no taper from the tip to the tippet. The solution I found was to abandon the tip, move to a poly and concentrate the "motivating" grains into the head itself, which is why my setups are either on the high end or outside the recommended grain window. The result was just the right amount of stick, smoother turnover and longer flight, despite moderately weighted flies. It seems counterintuitive based on commonly accepted rules and principles, but it works for me and at least one other person I know.
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