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Second chapter on the Redington Hydrogen rods.

Woke up early determined to dial in the 2110 rod,,, the blank is nice with good flex and recovery.

Tried a standard WF6F Cortland 444 SL line,, much improved over the Scandi lines of yesterday.
Next tried a WF5F 444 SL, it cast O'K however, was sensitive to timing, if you were off it did not like to cast very well.

Also had a RIO WF6F Trout LT on a reel in the bag,,, this line is perfect, for my casting style.
The line would bang out casts long or short distances with nice tight loops.
This line is a rather long head 47ft total with very long front taper.
It has a color change at 36ft length and I pulled that into the guides about 5ft. If the line is accurate AFTMA rating that would make the head about 160gr outside the tip. Great line for small wet flies and streamers.
I discussed this line a few years ago with Simon Gawesworth for spey casting on trout single hand rods,, he agreed and stated that is what he uses personally. Since then RIO has introduced Single Hand Spey Lines as a specialty line in the freshwater series, they are not included in Spey lines in their catalog section.
I have a SHS inbound from RIO in #3 which is 150gr. This is a 33ft head and should be great on the little rod.

Now the ultra short Skagit lines.
Set up the OPST 150gr head with a 7ft Polyleader,,,, dynamite casting combination, nice loops and unrolls nice and straight.
Felt there was no reason to continue testing Skagit lines.

The Hydrogen is a true Micro Spey rod, to me that is under 200gr lines class. It is not a 2wt Trout Spey rod.
Small waters for smaller stocked trout,,, bluegills in a pond,,, would be my recommendation.

Fly size on the RIO Skagit Trout and OPST lines,,, well, last year when the Sage 2109 and 3110 ONE series was introduced,,, I was easily casting size 2 Zoo Cougars on the RIO Skagit Trout lines in 225 and 250 grain weights. That was with MOW tips with 2.5ft-5ft of T-8 and T-11. I also cast the same fly with only short pieces of T-8 and T-11 without the MOW tip design. If you did not wish to change heads,,, just use a 10ft Polyleader with tippet and cast small wet flies and unweighted streamers.

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