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Redington Hydrogen 2wt,3wt, 4wt Line Tests

I was able to test the new Redington Hydrogen rods this morning.

My casting style is power mainly via lower hand, I use very little upper hand in forward delivery. This style may not fit others and heavier lines are usually favored when using upper hand for forward casting stroke.

2110 Rather disappointing, the rod label indicates Scandi 175-200 and Skagit 200-225.
I started with Scandi 210 which works very nicely on the Sage 2109 ONE. The rod had a hard time casting the line, rather heavy. Changed to a 180gr RIO Scandi and it would cast the line but with poor line speed and almost impossible to obtain a tight narrow loop. Perhaps the Single Hand Spey in 150gr may fit the rod better? To me personally this rod is rather soft and not a true 2wt Spey.
Skagit line was RIO Skagit Trout 200gr with MOW Light floating. This would cast but the tip section MOW would flop to the side, no line speed and poor distance. Tried the same line and MOW tip on the Sage 2109 and it really banged out beautiful casts.
Perhaps if I make up some lighter tips than the MOW and shorter length it would be better.
In addition, I have the OPST lines in 150gr and 175gr with shorter lighter tips they will do better,,, next week.

3113 Scandi 200-225 and Skagit 250-275 on rod label. Now this is a very nice rod. The RIO 210gr Scandi was very impressive on the rod and it could cast nice long distance with little effort. To me a Scandi 210gr line is a 2wt rod. This is very comparable to the Sage 2109 ONE and I would recommend this rod for anyone as ultra light Trout Spey.

4116 Scandi 250-275 and Skagit 300-325 on rod label. This rod really liked the RIO Scandi 240gr line which to me is a 3wt rod. Very nice loops and good distance was easily obtained.

I did not have time to cast Skagit lines on the 3113 or 4116 rods. Perhaps next week. The way these rods cast the Scandi lines, I am certain they will have no problems with Ultra Short Skagit lines from RIO or OPST.

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