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"Speyline for Alltmor speyrod # 6/7/8"

Spey gurus,

I have an Alltmor speyrod # 6/7/8 and need some line recommendations. I think I would prefer a multi-tip line. I have only limited experience with double-handed rods bad have quite some experience with single-handed rods. So, of
Rio Wincutter Tips 6/7/8
Rio Wincutter Tips 7/8/9
Rio Midspey Tips 6/7
Rio Midspey Tips 7/8
Airflo Tactical two-hand Multi-tip 6/7
Airflo Tactical two-hand Multi-tip 7/8
Orvis Multi-tip Spey line 6/7
Orvis Multi-tip Spey line 7/8
what should i choose? Something else? I admit that I'm a little bewildered by line weights given with more than one figure (which I think pertains to a WF line).

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