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Great News

Thankyou for the kind words.
After two years and probably over a 1000 hours on the river practicing it was very rewarding indeed to hear those magic words.You passed.
Rick and I had a wonderfull day with Al Buhr.who travelled all the way from Portland to test us.
Super guy and a great caster and teacher.Thanks Al.Love the Square cut by the way.
4 & 1/2 hours in the water on a hot day,30+ degrees was very tiring but I have to say I loved every minute of it.
A big thanks to Simon,Andy,Juro,Chris and Marty for all you help along the way with tips and recomendations.
My buddie Rick for putting up with my abuse for two years.Bye the way Rick the lawyer is currently working on the divorce papers.I get all the rods.You get the line bag.
Not fogetting our buddie Julian who was our test dummy on many of the days at the park.
To all our friends and fishing buddies thanks for the encouragment you gave us along our journey.
Apologies to any one I have missed.
I now look forward to the road ahead to share my knowledge with all and become the best Teacher/Instructor I can be.
Regards Speyladdie

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