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Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
Go on! make it compulsory to use a 21 ft greenheart Vibration rod with drop rings to prevent shooting any line & couple it with a long single tapered silk line.

Let's see if anyone can really match Alexander.......

Regards, Tyke.
Tyke, you are absolutely right, this should be the way not only to honour the memory and performances of Alexander Grant but also to keep alive his way of Speycasting, in terms of concepts, expertise and appplied technology.
Canīt figure it out an homage competition to the master, as described by Speyghillie, but adopting modern outfits, casting scandi shootings and running lines through the guides to achieve long distances, for instance.
Just the opposite to all Grantīs concepts.
Anyway it is a good idea to promote an homage casting competition, something to be supported; perhaps some professionals using the original outfits could reproduce Grantīs original casting concepts during the competition, just to keep focused about how Speycasting was conceived by the master.
All the best
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