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Sage One 3110 vs IMX Pro vs Echo TR2/New Trout Spey vs ???

Apologies in advance for yet another "want to get into trout spey" thread, but here goes..... I typically do most of my swinging on the North Platte (Mile and Reef). I've been borrowing (more of a semi-permanent loaner) a friend's Sage 3110 with a 270 gr. Skagit Scout and Lazar line and typically throw light MOW tips with modest sized flies....nothing crazy and minimal rabbit. Things go pretty well until the wind kicks up (which it often does) so I'm wondering how a 4 or 5wt two handed would do and still retain somewhat of a fun factor with the average 18" fish?

Also, the Platte is pretty wide in places so I'm wondering how rod length impacts mending and casting in practical terms, i.e. 11' vs 11'3" vs 11'11". And it's WY.....not too many overhanging trees/bushes to inhibit back cast/D loop.

I think I could buy the rod/line off my buddy ($ TBD), but I"m wondering if there is a "better" rod out there since more companies have entered the trout spey world in the last year or 2. I'm more of a buy once, cry once shopper so I'm willing to spend what it takes to get a setup that will last and will be enjoyable. To date, my only data point is probably a dozen days with the Sage 3110.

Also, there is a local shop that I've talked with and they have recommended an Echo TR 6126, while that could be an efficient delivery system, the fun factor of catching less than a 2 foot trout seems to be guy basically said a 3wt spey is way too light for the N. Platte.

Thanks for your help.
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Not an expert by any means, but I know and love the North Platte. A four weight trout Spey would work well if it's reasonably good at casting into the wind. From what I've read, the Sage One trout Spey in a 4 would be great. I own the Winston BIIITH MS 4 wt and love it, but casting into the wind is not its strength. If I wanted the smooth Winston feel with more power against the Wyoming wind, I'd go with the 5 wt. Winston BIIITH MS for the Reef. Other options include the G. Loomis IMX PRO 4 wt. If you think of a 4 wt. trout Spey as equivalent to a 7 wt. single hand rod in fish fighting ability, the 4 wt trout Spey makes sense.

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I use an ACR 1255 up there and don’t feel like it’s too much rod. When it’s windy up there, which is pretty much always, I go to one of Steve Godshall’s intermediate scandoid lines.
Best of luck.
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Thanks for insights...kind of confirms that a little more stick may be helpful for the North Platte.

I’ve never really looked into an intermediate head much...and there aren’t too many options that I was aware of at < 400 gr (I’ll look into the Godshall head- thanks for the recommendation). I’m not sure how new (there’s not much on the web yet), but it looks like the SA spey lite now comes in intermediate- either head or integrated. Looks like it mirrors the other Spey lite grain weights starting at 150 gr. Would you all assume the same drop of 25-30gr from floater to intermediate skagit head would apply for 3-5 wt speys as well?

Not to sidetrack from the original post too much, but for you guys that fish the you have a sink tip that you most often fish? I always seem to just use 10’ of T-8 even though I have several MOW tips in the wallet....and just fiddle with casting angle and mending to fish the runs that I typically swing.

Thanks again for the info and insights.
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I don't have experience on the North Platte, but have fished a few windy rivers and caught several 18" plus fish on a 4wt spey. An 18" fish will most certainly put a bend in a 4wt! The IMX Pro rods are really nice rods for the money and I would think you would have to go custom (Anderson, Meiser or Burkheimer) before you could really tell you were getting more rod for the money. The IMX Pro rods are pretty stout for the designated line weight so I would stick with the 4 over the 5. Anderson's rods are super smooth (I have the 1173) and one of his 5wts that throws in the 330-360 grain window would also be perfect (he was coming out with a 1205 this year that would fit the bill). Given all the room you have to work with I would go with a rod as close to 12ft as possible and try an airflo rage head (now available in the lighter trout weights) as they were specifically designed to help in the wind.
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Originally Posted by CO Trout View Post
Not to sidetrack from the original post too much, but for you guys that fish the you have a sink tip that you most often fish? I always seem to just use 10 of T-8 even though I have several MOW tips in the wallet....and just fiddle with casting angle and mending to fish the runs that I typically swing.
I have not fished the North Platte but do swing the Green in WY. The wind is brutal and I use an Echo DH 11'9" 4wt. But regarding tips the first time I swung the Green 7.5' of T-8 had my fly hitting bottom and raking in weeds too much (I was used to a little heavier flow). I switched to a type 4 tip and even cut off a few feet so it was I think around 7'. Had much better luck with that tip. Since then I usually start with a MOW 5' T-8. In my experience if your fly is even just hovering mid-depth that is plenty deep to get a grab. And sometimes the fish will be hanging close to the bank in shallow water and you can miss them when your swing is crash landing somewhere.
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It's not the TR2 12'6" 6 weight...but I have the Echo TR2 11'3" 4weight for sea-run brown trout in the spring and fall. It's a very powerful rod for a 4 weight and really lets you crank on it if you wish. No problem getting good distance with bigger flies, and it easily handles the MOW and FLO tips I put on it. Deep bend in the rod so lots of fun for all fish. Not a switch/nymphing rod at all. I have a 330 Scout on it for sustained anchor casting that matches nicely for me, and the rod firmly sits in that next step up from your friend's 250-270 grain rod you're casting now. The TR2 12'6" 6 weight is rated 400+ grains, so you're more or less heading towards a medium river steelhead/salmon rod at that point. Don't know if it helps what you're doing or not, but I look at my TR2 4 weight as a nice, smaller two-hander for casting tips and streamers at sea-run brown trout in windy and cold coastal conditions. For non-sea run trout, I scale down considerably and that rod stays at home.
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Both are great rods. The longer IMX Pro gives significantly more line control and I find more fun to spey cast; it is a lot more comfortable with a longer head combined with poly leaders. The shorter Sage is fun on very small waters and combined spaces.
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I'm in the same situation as you on the South Fork of the Snake in Idaho. I use 4-6 wt switch rods. My setup and fly selection is a little different. But i'm like you in the fly area. Most of my flies are no more than 2"-2.5" long, sparse, and unweighted or slightly weighted with a bead. Don't get hung up on the weight of the rod. There isn't a good formula to figure out what you need. The right size rod is the one to handle the river conditions. In the late fall to early spring my DH 11'9" 4wt will handle the current and wind. In the Late spring, summer, and fall, my 5 wt 11' switch is my go to stick. If i'm really fighting wind or I know i'll be catching 16" + fish all day with heavier leech or streamer patters, than my 6wt 11' switch with a rage head and a weighted poly leader is what I throw. The other 2 set ups I either use a floating poly leader, or a furled spey leader from Moonlit fly fishing. I recently picked up a RIO trout spey line for my 4wt. It's got some punch. If I had to pick one rod, it would be the 5wt. I fish that more than the other 2. I'd line it with a RIO trout spey line. I hope this helps.
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Swinging fly's on the Snake River.
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Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I have been busy chasing birds and have been AWOL for a bit. I appreciate the time and thoughts. Sounds like the IMX Pro 4wt might be the stick....I haven't heard a negative word spoken about those rods. Bird season is winding down so I need "realign" my priorities!
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I use an Echo SR-4016 (4 wt. switch) to push large bulky ungulate hair and petrochemical flies through strong summer winds for trout. Works well for charr and even small steelhead. Would guess that the G Loomis IMX Pro 4 wt. is similar in action.

My favourite line is a Nextcast FF 35 330 grains. I rarely use a sinking tip (<1%) but it casts those well too when looped onto a compact Scandi head. Echo describes the Echo SR as medium-fast. With the FF 35 head, I can load the road right into the handle.

The set up is most flexible. From single-hand overhead casts at your feet to effortless single spey and sustained anchors casts to 2-hand overhead casts for in-the-face 20 to 40 km/hour winds. In effect, some of the time, I am casting with just the tip, most of the time, I am speycasting by loading the middle of the rod and when called for, I can access extra power in the lower end.

This outfit beautifully casts chironomid presentations (e.g., an 18 foot long leader/tippet combination) in a stillwater situation. As I am relatively new to using a 2-hander in ponds and lakes, I am constantly but pleasantly surprised at how little physical effort it takes to cast and present the fly. A 3 wt switch is on the shopping list.

A comment on distance. I used to care about distance when throwing shooting heads on single handers in a boca-type situation but these days as 99%+ of the flowing water trout angling is on or in the surface, I would rather hook them relatively close and not so far I have to squint to see the rise. That means taking large flows and dividing them up into small streams and avoiding the temptation of reaching for the middle of the river.

Good thread; looking forward to more 'yet another trout spey threads'.

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I don't fish in your area but thought I might chime in. I fish a Meiser 11' 4/5 as my go to rod on the Deschutes. I consider it perfect for 14 inch and larger trout. A 12" fish in fast current can be fun too. Fish close, fish far, fish in the wind, no problems.
I know it's personal preference but I really like the 225 grain commando smooth on this set up.

Enjoy the journey.

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Enjoying this thread, as I do most trout spey threads. I think this is just the Catch 22 of trout spey fishing. I'm searching for that perfect combination of being able to handle weighted flies and wind while still having a stick that is fun for landing the average trout, especially this time of year. I just got the Hydrogen 3113 and I learned pretty quickly that if I want to throw tips with it with a heavy fly in the wind, I might need to use a heavier line than I usually do. Just got a 270 Scout and a 270 Rage to try on it. For shorter casts on my local river, I didn't notice any issues with lighter Skagits, but when I took it to the Missouri, where I naturally make longer casts and the wind is a constant issue, I was sometimes struggling to get my fly out of the water. While my technique still leaves a lot to be desired, it's a lot more fun to fish when you don't have to think so hard to nail every single cast perfectly. I plan on getting a TR 4110 soon for this work exclusively, but I know it won't be as much fun with a 14" fish as the 3113.

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Thanks again for the comments, everyone. It definitely seems to be a balancing act between the fun factor and having an efficient delivery system to fish the flies/water that I typically do. For anyone interested, I’ve posted the Sage 3110 in the classifieds with the intention of getting into a 4 or 5 wt IMX PRO (still undecided on 4 vs 5!).
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I can only speak about the 5 wt Loomis imx-pro short spey (never thrown the 4 wt). As some have mentioned above, the 5 wt is a strong rod....But definitely not a broomstick-like one. By this, i mean it is what i would rate as more of a small steelhead, large trout (20+ inches) rod. The grain window for skagit heads is 350-390 gr. The 5 wt easily handles sink tips of 80-100 grains also.

The action requires what i would say is a more easy, controlled stroke. If you tend to more power on your forward cast, this may not be the rod for you. With that said, once you get the action dialed in, casts over 80 ft are the norm if you need distance.

At 1111, i have not had good experience with the shorter skagit heads ( 16-17 airflo scout or 17 rio skagit trout) that the gear reviews recommend for these 4 and 5 wt rods. The 20 skagit heads (rio skagit short or SA freightliner) work more least for me.

As for casting into the wind, it has performed very well. It will throw a tight loop close to the water with a sidearm cast.
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