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Loop criteria

I quess my hang-up on the THCI is: what is the loop criteria of the tester? Part One - As I stand behind the loop, when I cast, I see what I believe to be parallel top and bottom legs without a hint of a tailing or side twist movement on my swicth and single spey casts. I'm guessing my switch and single spey are 10"-12" loops at 80' and about 12"-14" at 105' for both dominant and non-dominate cast, but my double spey and snake rolls are 18"-20" from both sides and have a hint of tail and/or side twist. My question is: should ALL cast be very equal or is there some tolerances given? Did either of you (Dana or Juro) see a difference in the loop criteria?
Part Two - When a person stands to the side to judge loops, do they see the side twist? (Rod tip not traveling in perfect straight line?). I see it when I cast but don't notice it when others cast and I'm standing to the side. When I stand directly behind, the side twist is noticable. Finally, how do I cure the last little bit of side twist? Should I turn the upper wrist inward slightly at the positive stop? OR??? Klem
ps. you shouldn't of opened this thread, I'm afraid I will abuse my privilege. In any case, many thanks.

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