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I wasn't rying to discredit your guiding. I am glad to hear that you work hard for your clients. I still maintain that you might be able to get them fishing quicker by spending a few minutes doing
some switch casting before trying the snap t(or circle) or double.Let me take you back to your original post:

"....very few people take spey casting lessons and it's up to guides to get them up to speed very quickly so they can cover some water. switch casting use useless when fishing a swinging presentation."

"Sure people should learn to spey cast properly before taking a guided trip. That however is not the reality we live in and most professional instruction is very informal and is entirely about getting someone to a fishing disrance as quickly as possible, this means no switch casting"

You owe it to yourself as a guide(and your clients too) to try this approach as it will "get them up to speed very quickly" and have them casting to a "fishing distance as quickly as possible". Keep up the good work with the guiding-not like the coffee in hand jet boat taxi pointing at the water from the comfortable boat seat that one can witness on the lower Dean river(below canyon) throughout the summer(though not all of the Dean guides are like this). By the way what rivers do you guide on Rob?
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