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Spey question #5

Hi Bill
Great to see you join in.
Case in point: last week a fly shop called and asked if I had some time to give two of their clients a two-hand lesson, they were going to Iceland or Norway and would like to learn how to spey cast, they had a few hours through the week, (before they leave), if I was available. Let's face the fact ,most people don't spend anytime casting/practising, even if they take lesson's. Another case in point, one of my students when asked how much time they spent practising in the last week (since our last lesson) the person said once for maybe ten-twenty minutes (granted not everyone has the time), Thats where we as instructors come in, we have to teach them enough to get them fishing and make it enjoyable. I feel a great accomplishment when I see a new person to our sport, achieve the level they seek, wether it's casting or tying, as instructors we are always searching for a better way to teach, (and we should all be thankful Dana started this site) I have many more hours to learn so keep it coming !
Thanks Rick
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