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Spey question #5

After our casting session today, Spey Laddie and I had a chat about the above post, at first Neil was of the opinion that it is of most importance to teach a Roll, Switch, then Double, Circle "C".
I must say this, I agree that the switch is a very important cast, a great building block to become a proficient Spey Caster. After we discussed this we both agreed that it should be taught but, that if our goal was to teach two casts, that could get our students fishing (Double and "C") that maybe the Switch could be taught later in the course or at another time.
This is our reasoning: if you have trouble with the students getting the switch, and time always being a factor, we now think that this time could be better spent on teaching the "D. S."/ "C" cast. If the students progress to this point , then by all means teach them a Switch, Snake, Single and so on.
Interestingly, while Spey Laddie and I were having a burger and this discussion, one of our good friends and spey student joined us, we asked him the above question (he had already read it on spey clave) he agreed that for him it was much easier to learn a Circle "C" and Double then go to the switch. Your thought's boys
Thanks for the Burger and Fries Laddie !!
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