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I'm new at Trout spey, not counting the Redside that I caught on a BIIX 7133 when Steelheading last summer. By the way that rascal hit and fought hard but, he was obviously no match for the 7/8 rod.

So just gearing up for Trout Spey at this point but, have experience with both head-only and full lines with the head & integrated running line for other applications. Heads are great for swinging and quick interchangeability. They are the way to go for steelhead. However, for beach casing or trout spey where I expect to do some stripping I prefer a full line. My preference is also shorter heads for my shorter rods. For trout spey my rods are 11 foot Winston BIIIX, a 4110 MS and a 6110 TH for heavier work.

Without having tried it yet my guess is that this Airflo Streamer line should act a lot like a Rage head. That's good IMO.
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