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A GL trib pattern

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Glad you like the pattern...no I am not selling them...here is the recipe-tying instructions,you can glean proportioning through the pic;

1. 25MM Waddington,I used brown thread to tie this pattern.
2.Tie in a octopus style stinger hook #4 to 6 u pick to the Wad using some kind of heavy stiff braided spider wire or some such.
3.Wrap the Wad body with gold or silver tinsel(or use your immagination floss of some kind)
4.At the front for about a quarter of the body(to give this baitfish immitator some thickness at the front for a tear drop shape when wet)wrap some(I used white) Uni-Yarn...build it up.
5.At the front turn in some white Marabou pulling it back as you turn in,not to much you want it to be kinda sparse,you'll have to experiment on how much, experience will tell you.
6.Tie in two strands of silver or,choose your flavour crystal flash...two strands on each side of the pattern...I don't like getting to crazy with the crystal flash.
7.On this one I tied in brown synthetic fur for the back,again how much=playi'n around,you'll know,but sparse,sparse ,sparse.
8.Tie in two strands of peacock herl straight down the back as far as the brown synth fur.
9.Tie off, make head whip finish and glue 3-D eyes of your colour choice.

If you wanted to weight this fly you could use lead dumbell eyes or wrap the wad body with lead before you start turning in materials.

Again glad you like the pattern,Cheers,Wild Bill.:smokin:

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