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  1. Destinations
    Hello. I need your help. We are going fishing in Chile (chinook salmon). I travel a month or more, but the budget is small (I earn little). I will have to camp in my own tent and not use any guides. I am planning a trip to the Puerto Montt area. I only fish with a two-handed rod. From the shore...
  2. All, Hardy recommends periodically filling the lubrication port under the handle bar screw of the Cascapdia MkII. What is the best type of oil to use for this application? Many thanks, Rob
  3. For sale: Charlton Mako 9500 Fly reel with 8-10 Spool LHW - Left Hand Wind. 4 Inch reel diameter/weight = approximately 12 ounces Condition: Excellent 9.9/10 Capacity: 260 yards 50#GS with 10WFF Perect Switch/Light-Med Spey/saltwater fly reel. Bulletproof construction and amazing Type...
  4. Spey Classifieds
    For sale is a near mint Mako 9500 with 300m of 50# GSP. On extremely small rub of the finish (not a scratch) otherwise this reel shows nearly new. Fly Line not included. LH wind, has not been serviced as is has barely been used. Reel is. It engraved. $975 USD
  5. Will need to replace my waders soon. Looking to buy a pair of high end zipper waders (maybe). Interested in any feed back on the waders noted in the post heading. I’ve seen some reviews the new Patagonia’s can be challenging to get the fit just right, so I would be careful to get the fit right...
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