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dana and friend Dana Sturn is the founder and co-owner of the Spey Pages and Spey Clave websites, widely regarded as the top resources for two-handed fly rod enthusiasts on the Internet. Recognized internationally as an expert Spey caster and an authority on two-handed casting techniques, Dana teaches Spey casting through his Spey Pages Spey Schools and his online newsletter, and he had the honor of being the first Canadian to receive the Federation of Fly Fishers Two-Handed Casting Instructor (THCI) certification in June 2004. Dana teaches all styles of Spey casting, from the Scandinavian Underhand shooting head techniques to classic long belly Spey methods.

Behind the scenes Dana has been involved in the design and testing of many of today's popular Spey lines and regularly tests and reviews Spey-related tackle.

Dana is a Director of the Steelhead Society of British Columbia and a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers and the Golden Gate Casting Club.

Dana's fish is bigger than Sean's, and Dana's hat is also much sillier.

Sean Ransom is the site manager and co-owner of the Spey Pages. Sean joined Spey Pages to help with the technical side of things in 2002. In 2004 he became partners with Dana and moved the Spey Pages to a new server from the Fly Fishing Forum servers who had been hosting the site.

Known worldwide for his penchant for big floppy loops he has been banished to the Spey Siberia which is Rhode Island. You may see him out perfecting his ice leaders and braving sub freezing conditions trying to get a tight loop.

Yes Dana's fish is bigger than mine but I'm wearing a very cool Speypages hat.

Sinktip is a desk jockey by day and Spey Pages moderator by night. In addition to these duties, he finds time to be husband and father to his wife and two young boys. All of this when he is not fishing that is. He lives north of Seattle and when not pursuing chrome in Western Washington rivers, he can be found anywhere from central Oregon or Northern Idaho to B.C.’s Skeena system.

He was the founding president of the Wild Steelhead Coalition and still serves as a trustee for the organization. He has a serious addiction to vintage salmon reels, crisp-actioned double-handed rods and chrome bright wild steelhead.

Kush (Tyler Kushnir) lives in Delta BC and is a teacher in the “off-season” .  The rest of the time Tyler is a fisherman. Whether on the great rivers and lakes of British Columbia, the classic rivers of the Pacific Northwest or guiding the fabled waters of the Queen Charlotte Islands, his focus is catching fish. His Spey casting expertise allows him to do what he loves most – fish for steelhead.  During the summer and fall, Tyler will be found using long rods and casting long belly lines on his beloved BC waters.  During the winter and spring he breaks out the Skagit and North Fork Specialists and employs the deadly Skagit techniques on PNW rivers. Tyler is a dedicated Spey fisherman who is very active in all things Spey.  He is a frequent presenter and participant at many PNW Spey claves, as well as part of the Spey Pages Team and a Director of the Steelhead Society of BC.  Anywhere that Spey fishing and casting is spoken Tyler can likely be found. 

Phishy (Sandi Kushnir) is commonly known around here as “The Hall Monitor”.  When the other moderators go fishing she is minding the store.  She has been married to Kush for 28 years and learned fish and casting speak as a form of self-defense.  Sandi fishes for trout with Kush in B.C.’s Cariboo region each summer.  She would like to learn to Spey cast but an instructor other than Kush is a must.  Sandi is a Director of the Steelhead Society of BC (membership) and is keenly interested in issues affecting both steelhead and salmon conservation. But we still can't figure out what she's doing driving a striper boat on a Spey site. Must have something to do with the Rhode Island connection or possibly Area 61.