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Matt Arciaga
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Just my one cent, Ive had nothing but luck following Reddington`s recommendations on the grain window. The newer series lists grain wts for all the new spey and switch rods, but if your not a fan of production rods.... Ive also gone through this and what I do is buy a cheap 30 ft 600 - 700 gr head, and start cutting till you get the load you feel is best for you, and well you'd only be out the $$ for the head, then you could order the new head that was close to what grain your found, oh yeah get a digital gram scale and multiply the grams by 15.4 to get you grain number. I went one step further and took the entire head and made 1 foot sections weld loop to loop and then you have the grain wt window finder forever... good luck bud
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