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Zack, my experience has been with sinking tips, which can be a good proxy for sinking polyleaders.

Again, the RHW is measuring the Rear Half of the Line system, one calculation for sinking systems, another for floating systems.

As my blog would point out, the heavier the FHW (forward half weight), the less clean and crisp the unloading phase feels. It gets clunkier as FHW gets heavier. This is why AFS Gen 2 Dual sink heads felt clunkier than the AFS Gen 1 Sinking Sink heads, using the same RHW. That is because the Gen 2 had a near level centric balance of 55% to 45% ratio, comparing to the superior rear balance of Gen 1 that had a RHW to FHW ratio of 60% to 40%.

When you look deeper into these numbers, you realize Gen1 RHW is 50% heavier than its FHW, versus Gen 2's 22% for the same attributes.

Of course, the AFS floater with leader had the crispiest release with a 80 to 20% ratio.

Although this works for me at this time, it is all subject to refinement.

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