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Things I Learned at Spey Camp...

...AKA the Rogue Spey Clinic.

1. Fred and Joan Evans are as gracious a host and hostess as I've had the pleasure to encounter. They welcomed this large group of strangers into their home and made us feel genuinely welcome. Joan gets my vote for tour guide/photographer-of-the-year!

2, General Fred Evans and his aide-de-camp, Dave Kelly (aka Avid), were better organized than Norman Schwarzkopf planning his attack on Saddam Hussein. Whether it was detailed, color-coded maps, engraved name tags, river-side porta-potties or dessert from Harry & David's, superb organization was evident at every stage.

3. Steve Choate and Way Yin aren't just superb spey casters, they are first-rate spey casting instructors. I'm sure all of you appreciate the distinction. Their curriculum was thoughtful and incremental; their teaching personal and consistently positive. The first word from Way's mouth was generally: "Sweeeeeet!" Only then would he gently show you how you could improve the cast.

4. The Rogue Valley in April is one of the more beautiful places on this green planet.

5. A picture is indeed worth the proverbial thousand words. Watching video of yourself is enormously instructive. Watching video of yourself in a room full of spey casters who are consuming large quantities of scotch and fine wine is another matter. The other kids at camp can be very, very cruel!!

6. The Windcutter is the devil's spawn. Continuous taper, long-bellied lines rule!! Now where do I get one?!

7. Rogue fish do indeed like that big ugly bug, the Otis. While it is slightly offensive to tie it on your line at first, you get over it quickly.

8. Keep very close tabs on your truck keys, despite your Sunday morning hangover. It is no fun sending the whole group back out on the gravel bar looking for your keys when they are in your vest pocket!

9. Always think ahead to where and how you will beach a fish if you are fortunate enough to hookup with one of God's supreme creatures - especially if you are alone. There are added complications when tailing a fish with a 14'3" rod if you don't have your private gillie handy.

10. There are a lot of warm, generous, interesting and funny people in the world. It just seems that a disproportionate number of them swing a spey rod.

11. "Sweeeeet!!"
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Sounds really great! Wish I could have made it. Maybe I can get Dana to come out to atlantic salmon country for an east-coast Spey Clave.

My heart goes out to Fred for his efforts and also for the times he is experiencing recently. Our thoughts are with you and yours, brother.
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Re: Things I Learned at Spey Camp...

Originally posted by sisyphusmpn

The Windcutter is the devil's spawn. Continuous taper, long-bellied lines rule!! Now where do I get one?!

You weren't supposed to tell them this till I sold the brand new WC 6/7/8 tips that I have. <g>

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Glad we have experts here

Thanks for the Wind Cutter tip I was just about to order one for my new spey rod now I will look in the new direction have referenced.

Must listen to the PNW spey experts, they will save me money it nothing else and more productive time on the rivers.


"Steelheading builds character, take nothing but pictures and memories, leave nothing but tracks"
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Dear Mark,

I second your election of Joan to host/photographer/patient/gracious wife of the year award! Fred and Joan most graciously made their home our home for the weekend...One couldn't ask for more. Dave Kelly, Nate were Freds' awesome co-conspirators and made sure everyone in the groups' every need was met. I think it was truly an exceptional group of students.......some came with great casting talents such as Rick, Joe, Mark, etc., but all made huge progress over a seemingly very short weekend. The beauty of the Medford area, the Rogue river and beautiful weather combined to make it a very memorable weekend. I hope I have the opportunity to fish with many of the attendees, and hope to see many of them at the Spey clave in May. I intend to take a few days off before and/or after the anyone wishing to get together and do some fishing, and swill a beer is welcome. My only regret from the clinic was not being able to spend some time with Bill Kessler from New York...Hope all is well with your loved one, and also finding out that our host (Freds') mom is not doing well again....Spending time with Way and teaching is always a pleasure and meeting and making new spey nut friends just can't be beat!

Can't wait to do it again!


P.s. Thanks Mark for letting me have the opportunity to cast the 14'3" was exceptional and appreciated!

P.s.2 Juro can you please let me know what the advertising rates are for the board? classifieds, destinations, classes, etc....any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Maybe I'm making a mistake ..... :>)

But I've been sharing these posts with the JoanMeister. Her first inclination (when I told her what I'd 'started') was something to the effect that I'd certifiably lost my mind.

Her second thought (and this one I may have to think through ) was I've never had more fun with "with my cloths on" .... or to that effect. We both (read that Dave, Nate, Joan, the Poochie, et. al.) had a great time.

Sitting here sipping one of the 4 great single malts folks brought with them (and I wouldn't let them leave with ); and one of Jere's great cigars in a moment. That was the only thing I lost track of - e.g. And I should have shared - you would have loved these things. (Mom would have rolled her eyes at the poor English here) A cigar is a cigar, unless it's a great smoke. Jere, you know your stuff!!! Come back soon - new sheets already on your bed; and I don't cace if you snore ... :>) Put in an order for a proper humidor today; no way are these Babies going to loose their cool.

Joan loves men of high IQ's; I loved (JD/Jere, Dear God all of you!! get your butts back north-west-south!!!!) every minute of the house guests, the Clinic, the dinner (you guys know how to PARTY). (Don't ask, but my 'iq' is pretty darn high ... but not as high as hers)

Several e mails/calls already about doing this again next year, even if it's a fishing party rather than a clinic. Joan says I'm getting 'tipsy' so time to sign off.

Dana, you've got to come to the next one, even if I have to get my retired Delta PD guys to ... shall we say ... escort you to the US Boarder.


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E Gads! Two e mails all ready. Jere's cigars

Are Carlos Torano, signatue collection "Torpedo." Each is individually covered in a thin cedar wrap.

A wonderful smoke!!!


Edited this to say I also opened a bottle of Sandeman O'Porto. Life tonight is VERY GOOD!

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Steve -

Sorry I missed the side note first time around. For advertising on Speypages and the SpeyClave Forum, you need to contact Dana. He's top dog for all things Spey; Sean and I just keep the lights on.

BTW - I look forward to meeting you at one of these get togethers!

Originally posted by lastcaststeve
P.s.2 Juro can you please let me know what the advertising rates are for the board? classifieds, destinations, classes, etc....any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Thumbs down Cigars

Well Fred I have to tell ya (actually I don't, but I will )...

I enjoy the tradition, mystique and rituals of spey fishing almost as much as I enjoy the sport itself, but man, I just can't get my mind -- or lips -- around some nasty wad of dead weed that turns teeth brown and gums black from tobacco drool! Yuk!

Now before you convene a Council of the Clave and begin Court Martial proceedings, you should know that I didn't exhibit similar disdain for another weed during my younger days so I cannot claim lifelong purity and abstention. But at least that stuff served a purpose.

The only good thing I can say about cigars is that they seem to keep the bugs off you guys during the evening hatch.

Seriously, I hope you and Joan are recovering from the stress and trauma of all that you've been through in recent weeks. You deserve a good drink and a smoke!!

P.S., Please tell Joan that I loved that restaurant Monday night and admire her pluck in taking three strangers out when so much was going on in her family.
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retired Delta PD guys...

I grew up in Delta, Fred! Some of your pals probably got grey hair chasing me and my pals through the bush! My dad was also a reserve Delta officer for several years back in the mid/late 70s.

World just keeps gettin' smaller...

As for claves etc, I have a great friend and fellow Dean River warrior "Santiago" who lives in Portland, so no doubt you'll see me down there eventually. It just turned out last year and this year with everything else that was happening in May (son's birthday, new baby in the house, Spey schools, article deadlines, etc etc) it just couldn't happen. I'm hoping to get down next year though and have already been in touch with Mark about 2003. Other than the first weekend of the month I'll try to leave my schedule open so that when the Clave dates are nailed down I can be, too.

Besides, I want to cast that 18 footer.

ps: I have a line on a 20 footer up here! It would be great to cart that along, too!

pps: and don't worry, I'll also bring kush ('cause I don't think I could cast a 20 footer!)
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My God Dana! Tawassan!!! The world (even if my spelling) is getting ..

smaller all the time. Damn! I lived there when the condo projects were an old Indian tribal site; digging throught he clam shells to find ..... even a jaw bone, teeth and all. Still have it somewhere

What is now the shopping center was all trees, brush and kids running too free .... if that's a possibility. Grandfather would go out with Peter and I, cut some wood, we'd build a fire and boil cans of water for 'soup;' pee in bottles for "poison" to tip our homemade arrows, hide the bottle so Grandmother wouldn't find same.

Never could figure out, even at 60, how she found each and every bottle that was stached up in the rain gutters, wood shed, where-ever. Was the woman clarvoint; or did she just know male grandsons too well?

We really do have to get together soon; sounds like we share a lot of history.

For Mark: Showed Joanie your post; she enjoyed EVERY minute of your, Jere and JD's company and love. All things taken into account, it was exactly what she (and I) needed. You guys are all too cool for words. No open questions as to why our home is always open to members of the Board. Friends are the treasures of our life.

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Spey lines

Couldn't help picking up the negatives around the Rio WC versus the long belly double taper. My question is how does one deal with the need to sink the leader quickly in fast current and escape the Wind Cutter depth delivering flexibility? It seems that the East Coast requirement is not so different from the Olympic Pennisula rivers I have fished. Is the difference the pleasure and subletly of line handling compared to the lobbing effort of sinking heads?

I wistfully read the comments on the Spey 'clave and while I never seem to be able to get the time and the airline ticket together, the heart is always there when reading the stories. Thanks

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WC vs Long Belly

If you are using long sinking heads - 25 to 45 feet then I am not sure that a long Belly line will provide much benefit. If however you are using sink tips say 15' or less then I think there is great benefit to a long belly line in that it helps in mending. If rather than swinging through a current - ie - traditional quartering downstream and swing technique you want to fish a seam, the long belly line really lets you stack mend at distance where the WC is more difficult to acheive this mending capability
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