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Gordon Armstrong beat his own world record here in Kelso this morning - in the most vile wind conditions. James Chalmers will no doubt post the ratified results as soon as he can get on the internet, but the Carron Team took four of the six top places in the competition.

Gordon beat Scott MacKenzie into second place in the afternoon Final. I am not too sure of the ratified distance for each. The morning qualifying session produced the new record for Gordon on the famous Junction Pool where the Teviot merges with Tweed on the edge of Kelso.

The display of Spey casting was truly brilliant from everyone who entered and all the more so when the squally conditions are taken into account.

This second two day Kelso Angling Fair was organized by Eoin Fairgrieve and it was notable for the extremely high standards which he and his team achieved. It is pretty certain that this event will become a firm annual fixture here in the Scottish Borders

Attendance figures were high both from visitors and trade. The almost continuous Casting Demonstrations were of a very high standard and found to be helpful by all who took part.
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Exclamation Unfair! Unfair!!!

You put that 'tid-bit' of info on the Board and THEN leave us all hanging ....
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I'm amazed no one else has come on to congratulate both Scott and Gordon for casting over 70yds.
OK they are not Americans and do not come from the country that invented Speycasting but I thought a little more crongratulations might be in order.

Willie Gunn
Quot homines tot sententiae

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Don't start a pissing match where there should not be one. None of us dumb americans were there and up to this point no one knew how far they cast.

Now we know, congrats guys. Very well done. Superb achievement and distances 99% of us could never imagine to attain. I really hope to see the distances in person someday.

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Pullin' Thread
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Congrats on beating your old record and setting a new one. How long is the new record cast?


You also deserve a large and hearty round of applause for casting over 70 yds.

Good show both of you. May we all aspire to become better casters.


Yes, they both indeed deserve accolades for casting over 70 yds. However, the only detail we had been given from the original post by tweedside was that Gordon beat his old record and set a new one without any info on how far he cast and there was no information at all on how far Scott cast. I strongly suspect if that information would have been provided there would have been people congratulating both fellows.
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Congrates to both Gordon and Scott.

Over 70yd!!! This is going to be a unbeatable scores. Is anyone able to post actual scores of finalists for poeple here 3000 miles away? It would nice to see and feel the moment that two casts were executed. Lucky you guys there. James, where are you?


Simon Hsieh
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I wasn't aware there were 2 over 70 yards. Amazing!!! Congratulations to all.

James, where are those pictures?

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From another site

Congratulations to Gordon, Scott, and all the casters over there. Great casting in what must have been difficult conditions.

Waiting for the gory details from Mr. Chalmers...

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Willie Gunn!
Wouldn't it be much better to cover the whole event displaying all the results?
Great respect to all you who took part in days that shocked the Spey World!
Glad to hear MacKenzie in play again!!!
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New Speycasting World Record 73.33 yards!!

What a Weekend!!

I have just got my feet back on the ground after a fantastic weekend at the Tweed Angling Fair in Kelso.I had the privelege to witness two "Speycasting Giants" casting the furthest distances ever witnessed in competition,on running water and very Squally conditions.
This was also a first for any Speycasting Competition ever held,Gordon Armstrong set the new World Record of 73.33yards in the Final!!,not in the qualifier!!What an amzing acheivement under pressure.

The Competition was held on the famous junction pool of the River Tweed at Kelso,what a venue it was amazing.
I must congratulate Eoin Fairgreive for running an absolute splendid show,by God that man was under some pressure over the course of the weekend,I am sure he will be trying to relax a bit today after a hectic weekend.

The Casting Competition was held on the Sunday afternoon,qualifying took place in the morning.This Competition turned out to be the most difficult one ever held to get to the final,the lowest qualifying distance of the final 6 was a whopping 65 yards!! the highest73yards!!
There was a great buzz about the casting competition,as the weather in some instances was horrendous,Both Scott and myself got blown off the platform during a gust,at least that was my excuse its maybe an age thingIt was really good to see a healthy entry participation to the competition as well,as spectators could see all their Speycasting heros in the same place at the same time,and get some hints and tips from the best in the world.The qualifying was busy right up to the final took place,with competitors in some cases just looking for that extra yard or two to get them to the final,but as usual in many cases when your 3 minutes comes round the wind picks up to near hurricane force and in your 3 minutes your lucky to get one cast in due to the wind ruining your anchor to get ready for the 30 degree change of direction.I must congratulate every competitor who had a try at qualifying,as your 10.00 entry fee went to a good cause,"Tweedstart" a magnificent cause to introduce the youth and underprivelleged into the sport,Eoin Fairgreive I salute you for your dedication to the cause.
The qualifying scores were as follows

1.Gordon Armstrong 73 yards
2.Scott Mackenzie 71 yards
3.James Chalmers 68.5 yards
4.Gerard Downey 67 yards
5.Ruairi Costello 66.5 yards
6.Knut Syrstad 65 yards

These scores show how difficult it was to qualify,many of the competitors were 60+ some dropped short of qualifying by half a yard.Andrew Toft just did not get the weather conditions to get the extra half yard,there was one competitor,worth a special mention,at 16 years of age Blair Banks has joined the Sixty Yard Club

The final took place in front of a very large crowd and the anticipation was high that the two giants,thats Gordon and Scott were going to throw a big one,but the main thing on the rest of our minds was that it was anybodys final, as the weather was so unpredictable,one lucky break with the wind would have helped you to slow down and concentrate for a split second longer,it was not to be the case as the 3 best casters in the world,gave us a lesson on how to cope with weather,i.e fight it.
I will never forget this day on the Tweed,as it made casting history yet again,with both Scott Mackenzie,an absolute legend and gentleman,beating his own World Record,and Gordon Armstrong beating his previous record,and setting an astonishing new World Record in a final ,Gerard Downey an amazing talent from Ireland being cool as ice during the final,it was great to witness.
A special thanks to Hywell Morgan for keeping the crowds amused with a fabulous commentary.

Results of Sundays Final

1st Gordon Armstrong 73.33 yards New World Record
2nd Scott Mackenzie 71 yards
3rd Gerard Downey 65 yards
4th Ruairi Costello
5th James Chalmers
6th Knut Syrstad

I dont know the final 3 scores as yet,but as you can see it was not enough.

Gordon getting presented with the Roxburghe Trophy

World Record Distance

6 Finalists

6 Finalists

The Carron Stand,Gwyneth Jack,with Willie Duffer in attendance

It was a brilliant weekend with a great atmosphere and cammeraderie,with some nice social evenings and a few beers everyone seemed to have a great time,it was great to see some of you guys from over the pond at the show.Roll on next year as I am sure it will be an even bigger and better show.

James Chalmers

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Well done!


Thanks for posting those great pictures! What a perfect spot for a competition! That casting platform is pretty cool

Gordon - Congratulations on the win!! You must have nerves of steel

Congratulations to all of the finalists for the very strong casting results!!

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Talking Be Afraid, be very very afraid!

Originally Posted by Doug Duncan View Post

Thanks for posting those great pictures! What a perfect spot for a competition! That casting platform is pretty cool

Gordon - Congratulations on the win!! You must have nerves of steel

Congratulations to all of the finalists for the very strong casting results!!

Doug has a 'new toy' and he'll be over to challenge you one and all!

Edit: Dang! Forgot to add: Willie, you're looking good!
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Fantastic achievements by all involved. What lines were used by the top 5, Carron, XLT??? I'm assuming they were custom and not off the shelf?

Love the jacket Willie. Did you win that in the casting competition? If you have an extra one in small, could you send it over for Ramsay?


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Originally Posted by Begbie View Post
Fantastic achievements by all involved. What lines were used by the top 5, Carron, XLT??? I'm assuming they were custom and not off the shelf?
As far as I know (please correct me someone if I'm wrong)
Gordon Armstrong used 105' special made Carron line with new thinner shooting line than the other Carron lines.
Scott McKenzie used a special made EWM spey line (longer head than the regular)
Gerard Downey used a Carron, probably the standard 105' line.
Ruairi Costello used a Carron, probably the standard 105' line.
James Chalmers used the special made 105' Carron
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hi james its your caddy hear great weekend what a crack. see you soon

Originally Posted by spey valley View Post
What a Weekend!!

James Chalmers
james thanks

For a great weekend Gerard texed tonight, home safe to ireland, i also witnessed some great casts, and people

Well done to all especialy Gordon and not forgeting the lads over the ponds from ireland to the viking lands, Gerrard, Ruairi, and knuit and young blair.and not to mention Scott

And the poor lads who set up the large pond only to see it the same as our rivers running dry

Eoin done a grate job and is a intresting caster with some great technical skills

And Hywell now he is a great comentator and comedian. great for the game and no doubt a grate caster in all dissiplins.

But what all fail to see, is the work you do in the background for you and your team

Not to mention anyone else requiring assistance or guidence, is the effort and hard work you personley put into prepering and supporting your lads and there guests, and freinds

So you also, are a giant in your own right. A great caster who selfishly put others first, at these events

As i witnessed first hand and had the pleasure of being in your company and had a brilliant weekend even although i dint cast i picked up some great tips

Again James thanks for your time

and hope i have a cast with you soon.

steven d

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