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Spey Instructor Recommendation

Recently returned from the OP where I took a friend and new spey castor. I set him up with a lesson from Curtis from Waters West in Port Angeles. Cost is $30 per hour! What a great experience! Curtis took him to the nearby Elwa river and proceeded to teach him basics, the snap t and double spey on river left. After about a hour, my friend was casting nicely to about 50 and 60 feet. I thought we were done at that point, but Curtis had us follow him up river to learn river right. Finally, Curtis worked on his cack or off side casting with moderate success. After 2 1/2 hours, buddy could cast regularly to 60 plus feet! Curtis only charged for 2 hours, $60! I have taken lessons from great instructors and felt Curtis was equal to guys costing $120 per hour. What a class act! Not only is the shop Waters West the best shop for steelhead materials I have been in ( and I'm a shop- ooh lic) , there willingness to help is super. BTW my friend caught a 36 in 16 lb wild hen on the Hoh river 2 days later. If your nearby, visit this shop and if you need a tune up, hook up with Curtis!
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